ISC Financial Corporation is a full-service real estate and energy finance company. Individual principals are licensed in securities and in major forms of insurance, including: Property and Casualty, Loans, Mortgages, Finance, Real Estate, Energy, Government Contracts.

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ISC Financial Corporation


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     ISC Financial Corporation (ISC) is a full-service, diversified, experienced real estate and energy finance services provider. ISC is a minority-owned enterprise. While ISC is successor to Wall Street Investment Corporation (Former Member, NASD and SIPC) and Investment Services Corporation, it is no longer a regulated firm but does have strategic relationships and contacts with regulated firms that are able to handle or refer securities matters as appropriate. We offer a wide range of real estate and energy-related financial solutions. We are not an investment bank or a direct lender, nor are we affiliated with any investment banks or lenders other than through the licensing of our principals with non-affiliated entities.

     Individual principals are licensed in law, and major forms of insurance, including Property and Casualty insurances (offered nationwide, and global), and in securities. We have substantial industry contacts, relationships and alliances. These resources are routinely made available to our clients on an as-needed basis. Our contact points are provided above and elsewhere throughout this web site.

     Our sister company, General Power Corporation, is a full-service energy (and alternative energy) project developer and consultant. We have an alliance with CoGen Power Solutions, LLC, which specializes in planning, project development, design, engineering, finance, construction and O&M for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, and on-site generation of electricity.

     Our goal is to be a “one-stop” financial resource center, and to produce time-sensitive, comprehensive, value-added services and quality results for our clients. ISC offers 100% finance to colleges, universities and municipalities. We can close a financing within 60-75 days from the date a project is accepted into the PROGRAM. Funds are available for on- and off-campus housing, new construction for properties of any kind, renovations, and monetization of existing buildings and facilities. As a matter of information, we also offer finance for off-base military housing; Build-to-Suit; commercial multi-family housing; FHA, HUD and other agency finance; hospitals; government contracts; sale and leaseback, and energy and energy conservation projects . We have an affinity for hard-to-place finance in all areas of real estate and energy. ISC will design a customized solution to meet the specific needs of its individual clients.

     Your specific inquiries are invited; they will be treated in strict confidence, and responded to quickly. You may inquire by email or phone or contact us. Please provide a brief narrative description of your project and its financial or other requirements. We will be delighted to answer any questions, take any applications, create customized real estate, energy or insurance solutions, or submit bids as may be appropriate in your circumstances. This business model (College, University, Hospital and Municipal Finance) has been developed to provide access to specialized financing and to enable our clients to meet particular problems, as where federal and state government cut-backs may create shortfalls in cash flow and budgeting. We want to earn your business and your confidence. Our clients come first.

George H. Starke, Jr.
ISC Financial Corporation
(407) 656-1049 Direct
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ISC Financial Corporation provides all forms of real estate finance, energy, government contract finance and project finance. We have an affinity for hard-to-place finance, and for utilities, hospitals, multi-family housing, commercial finance and refinance, build to suit, on-and-off campus housing, off-base military housing, stadiums, sale and leaseback of commercial properties, college and university-owned buildings, power plants, new construction, rehabilitation and so on. Our goal is to be a “one-stop” financial resource. We have appropriate alliances in place and hold appropriate licenses in our own name.