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     By way of background, ISC Financial Corporation (ISC) is a full-service financial services provider. ISC is a minority-owned firm. While we follow an “open-door” policy regarding real estate finance, our main focus remains in College, University, Hospital and Municipal finance. This site provides a review of our overall capacity in the major areas of real estate and energy finance, including a focus on College, University, Hospital and Municipal Finance.

     We have developed a specialty in these targeted areas: College, University, Hospital and Municipal Finance. This includes on- and off-campus housing, and off-base military housing. We now have immediate access to a well-funded Program that has billions of dollars readily available to fund new housing, and new buildings or facilities of any kind owned or to be owned by a college, university, hospital or municipality. It has funds available for renovation, financing deferred maintenance, financing energy-oriented improvements, and the monetization of existing buildings and facilities, whether or not they have existing debt or other obligations at the time of the transaction. These funds are available to 100%. They are applied in a manner to convert capital costs to operating costs, by off-book finance. At the end of the term of finance, the institution receives an operating building or other facility that was built without invasion of their capital resources. These results are attainable thru our Programs, and the provision of funds for Build-to-Suit, and sale and leaseback. The asset class does not matter - it can be a lab building, administration building, classroom building, power plant, football stadium, medical building or any combination of property types. While we are financing real estate, what matters most is the institution’s underlying credit rating.

     The minimum our primary source will consider for underwriting under this Program is $10,000,000 but $15MM or more is most preferred - which can be aggregated. There are no practical maximums. We can entertain smaller numbers now ($2 MM to $10- or $15MM), because we have alternative finance sources available to us.

     We can explore the possibilities and probabilities, at no cost, and with no obligations. We can offer 100% finance , and can close in 60-75 days from the date a project is admitted into the Program. Financing can be obtained under this Program at any point from planning, to pre-development, development, construction, and/or when a structure is completed and in use by the institution. The funding source wants no responsibility for management and operations; that is the responsibility of the institution. The College, University, Hospital or Municipality will use the facility as they see fit, and provide for its upkeep. We can provide facility management for student housing if desired – on- or off-campus. In any event, there is no out-of-pocket expense. Our primary source for this kind of finance is a major real estate investment management and advisory fund, which is supported by a major investment banking firm. This resource is intended to enable an institutional owner to take assets of this kind, and improvements, off-book, off the capital budget. This frees up the endowment fund, gifts, reserve construction funds and the like, for additional projects. It reduces the need to raise funds for construction purposes and saves time, legal fees, underwriting expenses, placement fees and delays associated with bond issues. As stated above, we can close in 60-75 days. We can offer increased energy efficiencies campus- and area-wide, which can contribute to overall lower operating costs for the client. This applies to new or existing buildings.

     What we are proposing is not a bond. It is an alternative institutional financing mechanism, utilizing long-term leases. While the lender takes title to a financed property when it advances such funding, the owner continues to use and operate the facility as it sees fit, and the lender/investor has nothing to say regarding management, use and maintenance. These remain the responsibility of the institutional client, college or university, hospital (or municipality or state agency). At the end of the lease or mortgage period, title reverts to the client for $1.00 or so, at which point they gain a paid-for capital asset.

     ISC has pulled together a team which can offer, on a turnkey basis - finance, design, engineering, construction management, construction, and operations and maintenance - all of these services, or any part. The client is free to select its own bondable architects, engineers, construction management resources, and to provide its own O&M, so long as such entities have recent successful experience with developing or building such facilities. With respect to housing, one member of our alliance has developed, owned and operated more than 30,000 beds for student housing and off-base military housing. They own and manage more than 20,000 beds today. It is not a problem if you have your own engineers and architects or if your project is just in the planning stage. We can answer questions regarding the Program at any point - from planning thru construction to post-construction and occupancy. In addition to offering 100% finance, we can reimburse the client for 100% of out-of-pocket pre-development and development costs, and pay for the completion of construction. As stated, we can buy and leaseback any completed building, or building in construction. Repayments commence 30 days – 60 days following completion of construction and the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. If more time is needed, it can be negotiated.

     Thus, we can offer to buy and lease back any facility owned by a college, university or municipality (or other government subdivision). We also have funds available for Build-to-Suit. If your institution has construction or other property development “on hold” pending receipt of funds from the State or other sources, we can help get your project moving as described above.

     All we need to initiate the process, is a narrative description of the project, estimated or approved costs, and a preliminary Statement showing Use of Funds (if available). Please call or send us an email at any time regarding any aspect of this Program. Questions are invited. Inquiries will receive a prompt confidential response.

George H. Starke, Jr.
ISC Financial Corporation
(407) 656-1049 Direct
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ISC Financial Corporation provides all forms of real estate finance, energy, government contract finance and project finance. We have an affinity for hard-to-place finance, and for utilities, hospitals, multi-family housing, commercial finance and refinance, build to suit, on-and-off campus housing, off-base military housing, stadiums, sale and leaseback of commercial properties, college and university-owned buildings, power plants, new construction, rehabilitation and so on. Our goal is to be a “one-stop” financial resource. We have appropriate alliances in place and hold appropriate licenses in our own name.